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Veneration of Martial Values in the US

On a recent visit, I was struck by the fact that the US was, in some senses, almost ‘Klingon’ in its veneration of martial values.  In every airport, on every domestic flight, there were US military personnel in their camouflage … Continue reading

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So Nothing Much Has Changed, Then…

Here’s a job ad from the New York Times, January 2, 1972.  It is quoted by Harold Kerzner in his seminal work on Project Management. "Personable, well-educated, literate individual with college degree in Engineering to work for a small firm.  … Continue reading

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Swimming Style Videos

These videos are for people wishing to improve their swimming style by emulating proven results. First is underwater footage of the men’s 1500m final from Athens. A close-up of American Larsen Jensen (blue/white suit), then turns to Davies (longjohns) and … Continue reading

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True Story

Sebastian Coe had just won a Gold medal at the the Los Angeles Olympics in 1984.  He was invited by the committee of the MCC to come and watch England play cricket in an Ashes test, and then to deliver … Continue reading

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Ricardo Dethroned and Debunked

  To my fellow MBAs, armchair economists, and globalisation-watchers:  That cornerstone of our education, as unchallengeable as Adam Smith or Milton Friedman, is bunkum in the 21st Century, and this post lays out why.  Remember, you read it here first. … Continue reading

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Inherent Instability at the Internet – Entertainment Industry – Digital Property Rights Management Law, Nexus

  And if you think that anyone who posts a title like that has got to be pretentious, then you may well be correct. Here’s a bit of a quotation from a guy called Cory Doctorow, an industry pundit and … Continue reading

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