True Story

Sebastian Coe had just won a Gold medal at the the Los Angeles Olympics in 1984.  He was invited by the committee of the MCC to come and watch England play cricket in an Ashes test, and then to deliver a motivational speech to the England team over lunch in the pavilion.

A ticket was enclosed with the invitation so that he could get into the ground, but it was explained that he should then go directly to the private enclosure, where he would be expected.

Sebastian Coe had never been to Lords’ before.  On arriving at the ground he met the gatekeeper, who,rumour has it, was a Lancastrian.

Sebastian Coe:  I wonder if you could tell me how to get to the pavilion?  I’m supposed to go up there.

Gatekeeper: People with those tickets are seated in the blue section at the other end of the ground.

Sebastian Coe: Yes, thanks for that, but, umm, what’s the best way to get to the pavilion from here?

Gatekeeper: The blue section is at the other end of the ground.

Sebastian Coe: Look, I apologise, you probably didn’t recognise me, I’m Sebastian Coe, I’ve just won a gold medal for the 1500m at Los Angeles, and I’m giving a talk to the team over lunch.

Gatekeeper: Well in that case, it won’t take you very long to get to the BLUE SECTION AT THE OTHER END OF THE GROUND!

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