Three-in-a-bed Sex Romp

My wife tells me that my blog is acquiring a superior and tiresome tone about it.  With a choice of subject-matter worthy of the editorial column of the Guardian Weekly.

It’s probably true.  And also probably true that most of my readers digest my posts via an RSS feed.  So after a long day at work, and 120-odd emails from your concentrator, the last thing you probably need is a turgid Bergman-esque epic from me.

So, Mike’s blog goes tabloid.  Apart from the title, and stealing shamelessly from The Sun and The Mirror in the ’90s, I’d like to say: The bonking vicar of Chipping Norton.  Gotcha!  Up yours Delors.  The Argys.  Fergie’s tits.  David Mellor.  Queen in Brawl at Palace.  "Two World Wars and One World Cup, doo-dah."  Wha’ choo lookin’ at?  We know where you live!  And other great cultural contributions from the British Press.

I hope that this post has brightened up your evening.

Not being able to avoid the serious for very long, but still on the theme of British popular culture in the ’90’s, I should draw everyone’s attention to the fact that Paul Gascoigne (Gazza), was sectioned under the Mental Health Act last week as a danger to himself and to others.  I missed the 1990 World Cup, but sadly his brilliant blaze of genius for a few years, now seems overshadowed by 20 years of alcoholism, gluttony and poor mental health.  But there I go being Bergman-esque again.

 sun1 sun2 sun3 sun5 sun4

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1 Response to Three-in-a-bed Sex Romp

  1. Matthew says:

    Now this is the kinda stuff I want to read on your blog!  ;)Nah, seriously, just write what’s on your mind, what’s interesting to you.  Regardless, I’m subscribed and will be ‘tuned in’.

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