PressReader: A poor-mans Kindle?


‘The Medium is the Message’ – Marshall McLuhan

Here’s a screenshot of my laptop running PressReader, reading today’s Weekend Australian.  I could download the whole paper for free, in fact I think I have subscribed to the Weekend Australian now, so it may well keep downloading them every weekend for me, tivo-like.


Just the thing for commuting, especially by plane.  Nothing worse that getting on a plane in the early morning, and not being able to get a decent paper off the cabin staff, because they are only for business-class.  Plus it would be downright restful to read it en-lappy rather than trying to fold a full copy of a broadsheet newspaper up like origami, as you do.  The interface is really quite nice and natural, there is a pop-up toolbar at the bottom, optional thumbnails down one side, and it pops-up partially-trimmed headings in little blue bubbles so that you don’t have to use the touchpad too much.

Kindle, as you are no doubt aware, is only available in the US at this time.  People say it’s pretty good.  But it’s also pretty expensive, and I’ve no idea what a broadsheet newspaper would look like on such a small screen.

Enough about the medium.  I stumbled over PressReader because I was looking for this picture of an espaliered-apple walk that I think I will build.  It will be Mike’s little folie until the apple trees grow big enough to cover the frame and deliver the profusion of apple-blossom and scent. 


But imagine walking through a well-tended apple-walk.  Almost ancient-Roman in terms of the garden being planned to delight the occupier.  They also say that figs respond well to the espaliering treatment.  If guests or passing schoolchildren were to souvenir the odd piece of fruit, then that would be a wonderful gesture at community, as well. 

In Melbourne (provided I can find the water), then walking through an apple-and-fig walk, or even having a quiet beer with friends on a Summer’s afternoon, in my scented, shady, ordered back yard, would be a good thing, no?

That would make me feel rich, even if I can’t get a Kindle.

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