Press Release: Corporate Sponsorship Opportunity Considered and Rejected

Manchester United are seeking a replacement for the embattled US banking firm AIG, which has confirmed it will not be renewing its sponsorship contract when it expires next year.

Current front-runners for the contract are said to be Air Asia, Sahara, and Saudi Telecom.

Hexagon Global Corporate Enterprises briefly considered the opportunity:

hexagon sponsorship

However four considerations decided us against it. 

  • We at Hexagon are perfectly happy with our corporate sponsorship of the Hector’s dolphin, and other endangered sea mammals.  This campaign is far more in line with our corporate values.
  • The name is too long to fit comfortably on the shirts.
  • Endangered dolphins have never been accused of being overpaid rock-stars who fall over in the penalty box far too often. 
  • Hexagon Corporation’s business proposition is around offering good products cheaply; being unassuming; and doing business completely without guile.  In this context association with Manchester United would be ‘off message’ for us.

See full size image

The rarest dolphin in the world

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