Dolphin Leaps Out of Water, Delights Waiting Market!

2009 target

Hexagon Global Corporate Enterprises has this week rolled out the Q209 release of their flagship product ‘Dolphin.’  This is a Beta release, which was scheduled for Q2 (April, May June).   To-date all releases have been on-time and under budget.

This release features:

  1. A strong AJAX presence in the UI.
  2. A new jobs-site sampler website, which shows off the Ajax partial-postback feature.
  3. A complete re-design of all pages.
  4. Enhancements to the RSS Feed Concentrator.

Screenshots are displayed in the photo gallery of this blog.

The caveats with this release are:

  1. It is best viewed in IE7.  Cross-browser compatibility is slated for later in 2009.
  2. A lot of the functionality requires users  to create themselves a free username on the site and log in using it.  Anonymous users only have access to a small subset of features.  There is another class of paid-for site membership with access to value-added services like the upcoming sharemarket tipster product.
  3. Currently a lot of the content on the site is pro-forma content not intended to be taken seriously.  The site is intended to showcase our capabilities.  This is only the second quarterly release of the product.  We have big plans for it.

In line with our product road-map, the Q309 release (July) will feature:

  • a sharemarket tipster system (for our members only).
  • a sample e-commerce site for the hospitality industry.
  • to-do list functionality.

Development of these features has already started.

Check it out here All feedback gratefully received.

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