Q309 Release of Dolphin: On Time, On Budget, No Bugs.

Announcing the third release of our software.  Slated for Q3, and released, on schedule, on the last day of July.
We consider this release to be light-years ahead of the previous release in terms of features, and maintaining our uncompromising high quality. 
It is, however, light years behind the next release (Q409).  Hexagon is on an agressive feature-development arc at the moment.
The main points of interest in this release are:
  1. The Product Road map feature.  This allows our customers to see what is coming down the pike from our development facility.  It also, imporatantly, allows users and customers to enter wishes and ideas for new product directions and offerings.  We see product strategy as arising out of a conversation with our customers and users.
  2. IE8 compatibility.  This actually took quite a long time to achieve, and is not a trivial exercise.  Now that IE has adopted ‘standards,’ we hope that this will help with some of the cross-browser issues going forward.   A quick look at the website in firefox identified a couple of ‘funnies’ but nothing serious.  Shortly the website will be ported to Silverlight, and all cross-browser issues will be addressed by the platform.
  3. Enhancement to the RSS Feed Client to allow the user to expand the page that he/ she is reading, and then shrink it and put it away afterwards.

Those are the main points of interest.  All pages have been given a refresh. 

At  the time of release, Hexagon has no recorded open bugs, as per our quality policy.

At the same time as doing all this.  Hexagon relocated its Head office to Singapore.  There are approximately 500 man-hours in this release, underlying the fact that it is a solid step forward on the road to our goal of delivering good products cheaply.

 Check it out here:


Next Release: Q409

The big push with Q409 will be:

  • To add modern website support features such as a content management system, a user forum, newsletter capability, opinion polls, etc.
  • TheStockPicker application.  This does technical analysis and charting on the daily closing prices for all stocks on the ASX and NZSX.

We have given the development team some big targets for the next quarter.

‘Tusker’ Ryan

Managing Director



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